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Over the years Rubi has mentored many successful lash artists Australia wide. Her reputation with being one of the best technicians in her field leveraging off her 10 years of lash experience has enabled her to achieve techniques, not known by any other artist worldwide, resulting in client lash retention like no other.

With her clients returning every 4-7 weeks between refills this has given Rubi the edge in the industry and created a solid client base and public demand that have clients locking in their appointments until 2021. Rubi's mentoring and training in the past has enabled lash technicians to build profitable businesses with an edge against their competitors as lets face it no-one wants to be returning to their lash technician every 2 weeks.

This technique and methodology means that for the lash technician your income stream increases whilst gaining more clients that are loyal and highly valuing their scheduled appointments making you a lash artist that is in high demand. In 2019, Rubi will be holding training sessions in the art of Classic Lash Application and this is one trainer you will want to be aligned with.


Classic Training

This is a foundation course that is available for beginners.

3 day training course


Application Understanding lash growth cycle

Before and aftercare  Common eye infections & allergies 

Tackling Refills Safety and hygiene 

Extension removal  Workplace setup

Product knowledge  Types of eyelash extensions 

Marketing and pricing  Lash design 

Dealing with common hiccups Retention - The Brisbane Lash Angels Way

Practical sessions on live models Day 2 and 3 Lash Tinting Training

Support Face to Face for your first 6 Clients in the LashEversity Studio - Sayyyy Whatttttt???!!! You read correctly. Once you complete your 3 day course you will feel equipped and confident with all the knowledge you need to start your lash business. But lets face it the first few people you will book may make you feel nervous so this is where this offer is worth more than anything. Book your clients in at the LashEversity studio and you will have me on hand to assist, mentor and check each set whilst you are lashing to ensure you are nailing it. If you need it, I am here, to help support you and guide you to success!


Lash Bible

Brisbane Lash Angels Lash Enhancement Specialist Certification

6 Month LashEversity Membership

2 x Group Face to Face Studio Support Sessions Week 2 and 4

Optional Extra

Lash Kit - This kit will give you enough stock to earn back the investment of course fee plus profit. P

Price $997 without kit

$1497 with kit


This course is perfect timing for the Christmas Rush. No better time to start lashing when the consumer demand is high and you have everything you need to become fully booked.


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Why choose LashEversity compared to others providers in Brisbane?

To be the best, you need to learn from the best.

With 10 years of lash extension application experience as well as extensive business development knowledge in both corporate and small business arenas, Rubi can teach you all the tricks of the trade - including all those niggling thorns that will inevitably come your way when heading down a new career path. 

FACT : Australia as yet does not have a governing body for the application of eyelash extensions.

We are always lead to believe that non-accredited courses have no value in various industries but due to that above fact the lash and brow world allows newcomers to obtain training that is targeted specifically for this industry, affordably and much quicker. This enables you as the student to gain extensive knowledge that is not bound to a boxed in bureaucratic system and gain more knowledge from an experienced qualified specialist quicker so you can get busy building your new career.

Registered Training Organisations must pay a higher fee to accreditors and learning centres hence why some courses seem much more unattainable in affordability. By training personally with an experienced Lash Enhancement Specialist it means your fees are lower and you gain knowledge first hand from someone that has been in the industry who has experienced first hand the issues that arise from starting this career from scratch, not from someone who is just a deliverer of a method. It is important to know that most accredited artists may not be great in their field and it is also important to understand that those taught by various academy’s are also not so great. When looking for a trainer, look at their success, their previous students success and gauge how well an academy will train you compared to an existing successful professional who is a measure of their own teachings. Look for a trainer that will give you the foundations to build a reputable brand and a business built on repeat customers and a referral base that money can not buy.

With the Brisbane Lash Angels Certified Training you will be able to work in the industry right away and be able to access an array of suppliers in the beauty industry and most importantly be able to obtain insurance which is crucial in our field. Your training will be above RTO standard and you will leave feeling confident and supported.

Certification proves you have attended the training course practically and theoretically whilst accreditation proves understanding of the method of application - just see all the available online training that is out there right now, in no way can you be ready for the practical aspect of this industry. Gaining a certification will allow you hands on experience whilst covering all the bases of the theoretical and allowing you to start your new career sooner.

Classes are kept small (a maximum of 6 students), which means you get invaluable one to one time with Rubi. Her techniques are clear and concise and each individual student will come away feeling more confident and prepared for a career in eyelash extensions. 

Unlike other training academies, Brisbane Lash Angels courses are driven to only produce the most highly skilled Lash Enhancement Specialists. Learning doesn’t finish with the end of the course - there will be options to continue education and support. The course is ends with a practical and theoretical examination. This method ensures that the Lash Enhancement Specialist receives the support that they need as they begin to build their skills after completing the course. It takes time for a technician to become a master in their craft. Rubi prides herself in assisting those who are committed and have a drive to succeed.

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Classic Foundation 3 Day Face to Face Course Only - 7, 8, 9 November 2019
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Kit not included:
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When I decided that my career moving forward was strongly aligning more to the beauty and eyelash industry, I sat down and discussed the industry more in detail with Rubi and really appreciated the advice she gave. I knew instantly that I wanted to be trained further in eyelash extensions with Rubi as her experience and knowledge was impressive.

The training was given to me after my initial training with another provider and I was blown away with how her coaching made me an outstanding technician almost immediately. Her technique is so different to what I was taught and a very innovative and game changing. She is patient and thorough and makes it all so easy to learn.

This training was now 1 year ago and I still to this day feel as supported by Rubi as I had initially felt when I was a beginner.

She always has the time at no matter what time of day it is to help coach me through the tough situations I am faced with daily.

She is a true mentor and I am forever grateful for her continued support.
— Talya Guetta Empower Beauty
Rubi was my eyelash technician for about 18 months prior to me deciding that my creative passion for my career moving forward was strongly aligning to the beauty and eyelash industry. At this point I discussed the industry in detail with Rubi and really appreciated the advice she gave. I knew instantly that I wanted to be trained in eyelash extensions with Rubi as her experience and knowledge was impressive to say the least.

The training was tailored to me, one on one and intimate. Not having had experience in this skill prior Rubi made me feel very at ease, and the training was thorough, detailed and enjoyable. I left the training feeling confident about the extensive model training ahead of me and felt genuinely supported more than I had thought possible throughout the model process. Rubi’s feedback was honest, providing both positive and constructive feedback and she would always get back to me within short time frames.

This training was now 6 years ago and I still to this day feel as supported by Rubi as I had initially felt when I was a beginner. We are faced by an industry that has experienced growth and changes to techniques and products and Rubi passion for the industry and her students is truely beautiful. She is always ready to take a call or answer an email and still offers me unwaivering support.

Her techniques for this art are unique and I truly have that competitive edge in my area with a very consistent and solid client base.

I cannot thank Rubi enough for the support and beautiful person she truely is and I highly recommend her to passionate people looking to step into the Eyelash Extension world.
— Mandy Parker - Byron Bay
As a loyal client of Rubi’s for several years, I became obsessed with her amazing work. When I felt it was time for a complete left turn in my own working career I decided eyelash extensions were for me and set out to sign up for a beauty / eyelash training course. After completion and feeling a bit lost starting out I turned to Rubi.

Rubis professional yet nurturing Mentoring has given me the confidence I’ve need starting out in the unfamiliar beauty industry.

Her expertise and experience in the Lash industry has helped guide me with positive and supportive feedback, giving me confidence. I am beyond grateful for Rubi’s continued support in every aspect of this industry.
— Molly-Bohemian Lashes

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