Brisbane’s Best Lash Enhancement Specialist takes your lash experience to the next level.

‘As a highly sought after technician working as Brisbane's elite Stylist to red carpet Celebrities, Reality TV Stars, WAGS, News Readers and Professional Performers on commercial stages, Rubi has a highly coveted client base. Her work speaks for itself.’

- Courier Mail (All About Beauty)

Wanting to get lash extensions but heard of major disaster stories? Don't worry I have too. There isn't a week that goes by at Brisbane Lash Angels where I need to assist with extensions that have been applied incorrectly or lashes that just don’t last. I pride myself in being the best at what I do and all I do is lash extensions. I apply new lashes as well as being able to remove any lash extensions that have been applied by other salons.

If you are apprehensive about getting lash extensions you can rest assured that you have found the right place for your next set.

My Signature Evarlei™ Lash Sculpts are designed for longevity, whilst feeling light and keeping your natural lashes healthy and undamaged. This enables clients to go the distance between refills and also achieve individual desired looks.

Lashes that Last Weeks Between Refills


If you have been seeing your current lash tech every 2 weeks then we are glad you have found us!! Whilst we only guarantee lash refills to be between 3-4 weeks 90% of our clients are on refill rotations between 4/5/6/7 and even some lucky clients 8 weeks!! Why? I am one of the very few lash enhancement specialists in Brisbane that have created my own signature special application called Evarlei™, and designed my own medical grade adhesive. This combined with the correct care on your end means you get longer out of your lashes and you should gain not only in saving time, but money too!!

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My first lash extension experience was with Rubi and I’ve been with her ever since then! (Almost 3 years!) I get my lashes done every 5/6 weeks and they always look so amazing! I’ve had so many compliments, even from randoms who would come up to me just to compliment on my lashes and asking where i get them done! Rubi is really lovely and i’m always looking forward to getting my lashes done.
— Katherena Koh
STUNNING lush lashes that last me 5 weeks! Rubi is unique in her ability of lashing and a true expert in her field. Exceptional service in all aspects. Her wait list is a testament to her amazing work!! Thank goodness I’m on her list .
— Karnie Paris
I’ve been going to Rubi for nearly two years now because of how fabulous her lashing is. I tried multiple places before that resulted in my eyelashes being ripped in half, having allergic reactions or requiring to return every 2-3 weeks. Rubi is so good at what she does I can get anywhere between 4-6 weeks without a lash refill and still have people commenting how great my lashes look. One thing I will never give up... Even if I have to eat only bread forever! And for the animal lovers out there the lashes are vegan!
— Sarah Smith





Over the years it has frustrated me that clients would only get a couple of weeks between their refills. As I started working out a new method my client base increased. As a working Mum my time is at a premium. I needed to find a method that enabled my clients longevity between refill appointments, for their time and affordability, and also enable myself more slots for new clients desperately wanting to switch technicians.

After much testing and trialling the Signature Evarlei™ Lash Sculpt was born. Evarlei meaning Extreme Volume and Retention Lash Extension Ideology.

The Evarlei™ Lash Sculpt does not need to look fake, in fact most of my clients get complimented on how natural their lashes look. Another bonus of the Evarlei method is that when they shed they shed evenly going from a full look to a more natural look towards refill time which means that fake scraggly extension look at refill time is no longer!